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That’s right, with no opening commission and 0% on study expenses . A perfect measure in times when savings must prevail over all financial products. From the purchase of a new car or a motorcycle to the purchase of appliances, the personal Gandalf loan without commission can meet and exceed your credit expectations.

What are the conditions of the personal loan without Gandalf commission?

Beyond offering advantages in the costs associated with the personal loan, there are several additional factors that are as valid to be taken into account as the commissions thereof. It is essential to verify the interest rate that will be applied to the personal loan. In this case, the Gandalf offer is an annual NIR of 7.90%, the equivalent of an APR of. 9.708% The previous interest rate is subject to the payment protection insurance of Gandalf.

The maximum amount that can be requested is € 50,000 and the maximum contract period is 60 months.

Is it necessary to contract the payment protection insurance to request my personal loan?

To obtain the best conditions in your personal loan if you must hire payment protection insurance. For example, by performing a pre-simulation with an amount of € 30,000 for a period of 60 months, the value of the monthly fee would be € 606.86 with a single insurance premium of € 970.64.

What documentation should I submit to make a personal loan application?

All the holders linked to the request for the personal loan are the following:

  • Copy of the NIF
  • Copy of the last income statement
  • CIRBE data format original and signed by the holders.
  • Declaration of assets in original and signed.
  • Copy of the payment support of the last three payrolls if applicable as a salaried worker.

Where can I apply for a Gandalf personal loan – no commission?

By entering the Gandalf website, you can leave your basic personal information to be contacted by Gandalf staff. The personal loan can also be requested by phone or in any of the 2,000 branches in Spain from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. See which office is closest to you by accessing the Gandalf website.

Important information about Gandalf

With a clear focus on retail banking, Gandalf focuses its financial products on small and medium enterprises, self-employed workers and family groups. By the middle of the next decade, Gandalf will be fulfilling 100 years of work that is revalidated by a traditional bank in the country. It is part of the Bystander Group.

Credit you can buy more, the personal loan that can do it all

A versatile alternative with great benefits especially if you have your salary or pension domiciled. Within the personal loan modality, Gandalf presents an interesting option for this type of credit: Having the possibility of choosing the interest rate that best suits you. For those who prefer to pay from the beginning to the end the same fee, a fixed interest rate is proposed. However, it can also be variable with a constant or increasing payment fee. The interest rate applied to your personal loan will be the one that best suits your needs.

In addition and leaving a bit of the traditional payment scheme, Gandalf evolves with its Gandalf personal loan. It offers the possibility of choosing the monthly payment date according to your convenience and adjusted to the payroll. It also makes it possible to expand the number of annual fees that could be up to 14, seeking to improve the financial health of the Gandalf personal loan applicants.

How to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

Although you do not have the possibility of making the online application, you have the option of leaving your basic personal information to be contacted directly by the bank. Once you establish telephone contact, an advisor will continue to respond to your request regarding the personal loan you wish to contract with Gandalf.

Interest rates

The standard rule of most personal loans offered in the financial market applies. The interest rate varies according to the destination of the personal loan, the amount requested and the term. For example, a simulation made with an amount of € 9,000 and a term of 60 months, is assigned a fixed 10.50% TIN equivalent to 11.99% APR.

Additional characteristics of the Gandalf personal loan

  • Payment of monthly installment adjusted to the payment of your payroll.
  • Maximum amount of € 60,000.
  • Maximum amortization period of 96 months.
  • The personal loan commissions:
    • No study commission.
    • 2.00% commission for opening, minimum 120 €.

What are the requirements to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

The approval is subject to Gandalf’s credit policies. The documentation that is requested to start the study of the Gandalf personal loan are: Identity document, annual IRPF, payroll or pension, payment commitments and document accrediting the investment.

As of the integration of seven savings banks, Gandalf was born in 2010. After eight years of service, Gandalf focuses its perspective on becoming the best bank in Spain. With eight million customers and a 90% satisfaction rate, Gandalf offers a broad portfolio of financial services and a broad network of contact with its customers and users.

Personal Loan: Order Your Loan Now!

One of the most relevant aspects when requesting a personal loan, such as the Gandalf Personal Loan, is the interest rate. Beyond this adjusted to the parameters established in the financial consumption policies, the interest rate determines to a large extent the convenience or not of the credit.

Gandalf has one of the most attractive conditions for personal loans in the Spanish market. From 4.95% TIN (5.06% APR) and with a maximum amount of 90,000 €, you can make an online application or at one of the bank’s branches. With multiple possibilities of destination such as, housing reform, home equipment, purchase of new or used car, studies, among others.

Once your personal loan application is approved, the amount will be paid into the account that is indicated by the applicant with the deduction of commissions and other expenses that are applied during the credit analysis.

How to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

Perform a pre-simulation before submitting your application online. Know each detail of the personal loan and above all the fee that must be paid during the useful life of the loan product.

Interest rates

It depends on whether you are a Gandalf customer or not, the interest rate applied changes. For example, 4.95% TIN (5.06% APR) is applied to a personal loan whose destination is the purchase of a new car. The maximum TIN is 20% (TAE 29.25%).

Overview of the personal loan at Gandalf

  • Minimum amount of € 3,000 and maximum of € 90,000
  • Deadlines: From 12 months to 96 months
  • The personal loan commissions:
  • • Up to 3% commission for opening over the limit.
  • • Commissions from 0.5% for partial or total cancellation
  • Conditions valid until June 30, 2018.

What are the requirements to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

Given that each case is particular and as reported by the Gandalf website, only with the applicant’s personal guarantee is proceeded to study the application. It will be essential to review the viability of your personal loan through the online simulator. For example, depending on the monthly expenses it is feasible to carry out a preliminary analysis from monthly income of € 900. No additional requirements are specified to apply for the Gandalf personal loan.

Learn more about Gandalf

Having been part of Spanish banking for 50 years, Gandalf is emerging as a financial company in constant growth. Beyond its history, it is currently in an enviable position of sustainability that includes it in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe, placing it among the most sustainable banks in the world.

Personal Loan Pharaoh’s Bank

Spaniards by tradition are working beings par excellence. The invitation made by Pharaoh’s Bank is to request a personal loan to be given a sabbatical year. If work dignifies man, the rest of a long vacation recharges him so that he can continue to be as productive as ever. When applying for a personal loan, Pharaoh’s bank can not worry about paying installments during the first year of the loan.

Apply now for a personal Pharaoh’s Bank payroll loan and start planning now for that rest that you and your family deserve so much. With a maximum amount of € 30,000 and a repayment period of up to 96 months, the Pharaoh’s Bank personal payroll loan becomes an ideal option for those looking for a monthly payment that suits their needs and financial projections.

Should I have my payroll registered at Pharaoh’s Bank to request a personal payroll loan?

The granting of the Pharaoh’s Bank personal payroll loan is subject to the following essential conditions:

  • Have your payroll domiciled.
  • Accrue periodically at least € 1,000 per month.
  • Your payroll must be domiciled at least three months prior to the request.
  • Personal loan subject to the contracting of a life insurance linked to the credit.
  • Subject to the criteria of the entity and under the risk policies established.

Personal loan terms Pharaoh’s Bank

  • TIN interest rate of 7.50% (APR 6.36%).
  • Maximum amount € 30,000.
  • € 0 during the first year of the personal payroll loan. No capital, no interest.
  • Maximum return period up to 96 months.
  • Study fee of 0.50% (minimum € 50).
  • Opening commission of 2% (minimum € 60).

Where can I apply for the Pharaoh’s Bank personal payroll loan?

The Pharaoh’s Bank website offers the alternative of filling out a form with your basic data. A specialized advisor will attend your contact request and in a short time will be in contact to give continuity to your request. You can also make your personal loan application Pharaoh’s Bank in any branch of the entity that is near you.

Keys to obtain the best conditions in your personal loan payroll Pharaoh’s Bank

Try to keep your payroll domiciled throughout the life of the personal payroll loan and with a monthly monthly amount of more than € 1,000. By following this indication, you will obtain and remain with the best conditions in the interest rate applied to your personal payroll loan.

Additional information on Pharaoh’s Bank

It has a banking leadership position in the regions of Andalusia, Castila and León. A clear focus on retail banking and a position as the seventh largest bank in Spain in terms of market capitalization, make up a solid entity capable of offering quality financial services.

Personal loans

Banks, financial entities, fixed and mobile telephony companies, electricity and gas companies, are the main entities that check and modify the file lists of defaulters Pheneas and Ferb. Listings in which with debts and defaults it is usual to be included but from which it is difficult to leave.

Request a Personal Loan with Pheneas and Ferb

It is difficult to obtain a personal loan with Pheneas and Ferb because the banks and financial institutions have access to the lists of defaulters and do not want, in general, to take risks of personal loans to people included in delinquency files.

However, there are solutions to obtain bank loans for people who have not been able to leave files of defaulters. There are organizations that specialize in quick loans and personal loans with Pheneas and Ferb. Keep in mind that the interest rate of the personal loan with Pheneas is higher than that of a normal loan and the payment conditions and criteria will be stricter.

If you do not want this type of credit contracting, you can try other solutions such as loan reunification and debt consolidation. Unifying debts and payments in a single personal loan is a service increasingly offered by banks to solve the problems of defaults on loans and personal loans.

Best personal loans with Pheneas and Ferb

On the Internet, there are several credit and financial agencies that offer loans and personal loans with Pheneas and Ferb. More and more services are available to request urgent credits. However, your loan conditions, interest and commissions are not the same. So, how to find the best personal loan offers with Pheneas and Ferb

First of all, you should take your time and look for bank and financial comparisons in online personal loan simulators. When comparing the types of loans from banks and financial institutions and finding the best fast personal loans with less interest will save you money and hassles in the future.

Get the all the loans you need right here!

To apply for a loan or personal loan, one of the main problems we face is to be included in the list of Pheneas GANDALF, a record of delinquency control whose management is carried out by GANDALF SERVICES ON SOLVENCY AND CREDIT Despite that you have been included in the Pheneas at present there are financial companies and credit institutions that give the possibility of requesting a personal loan or a loan being in Pheneas.

The banks usually have a higher risk control for the granting of personal loans and being in the Pheneas or RAI will possibly be one of the controls that will make us reject our application in this type of financial entities.

The good news is that they are not the only ones who can lend us money, every time there are more financial and private lenders who enter this type of market with more suitable requirements for people who are on a list of defaulters such as Pheneas or RAI .

Requirements to request a loan with Pheneas

Among the conditions and requirements that we will be asked to comply with are the following:

– Be of legal age
– Be a resident in Spain
– Have an account number in which we can enter the loan money
– Depending on the company you go to, they may request some kind of monthly income

Types of personal loans and credits

– Personal loans without payroll with Pheneas
– Loans for unemployed or unemployed people
– Mini-credits with Pheneas
– Credits without endorsement
– Credits with undocumented Pheneas

Steps to follow to request a personal loan

The first step could undoubtedly be the study of the interests of credit in some of the financial companies that lend money while in Pheneas.

As you can see there are several companies that grant loans with Pheneas. It is important to review the interest and commissions that can be charged for the money, since this may vary according to our particular conditions. In many of them even the interests of the loan will not depend on whether or not you are in Pheneas, which is why you will not have to worry.

You must surely fill out a form online with your name, ID and contact number, which will make it easier for the company to contact you as soon as possible to review the particular conditions of the loan you request, according to the amount and delivery times.

In some cases in less than 10 minutes you will be able to know if you are granted the loan with Pheneas and have your money available in less than 24 hours.

Christmas loans without interest


Expenses during Christmas can be very overwhelming so I will show some sites that offer loans at 0% and that can help you to cope with this period.

Loans Navidad interests: up to 500 euros at 0%

The first alternative that offers a personal loan for Christmas of up to 300 euros with the promotion of the first application without interest.

Currently this type of portals of personal fast loans are doing a promotion that I think is right, since, instead of investing in more publicity, spend part of their spending on customers to try the system, with the first loan totally without interest, since it is the best way to create recurring clients.

Christmas loans fast without interest

Another option, this with a greater amount allowed to apply for recurring customers, specifically up to 1000 euros for the first loan.

Offers Christmas loans without interest

The last proposal to be able to apply for loans for this Christmas and so be able to do your shopping quietly, but benefiting from the interest-free promotions.

One of the most recommended options, since it allows you to request a loan of up to 300 euros and have the money in your account in less than 15 minutes, ready to take it out of the ATM or make purchases with your card associated with the account banking

The fact that these portals are advertised as “first free loan”, only refers to the fact of the return of interest, since the principal must be returned on the agreed date. Otherwise the interests of a loan without a bonus and a late interest charge will be applied, so I recommend that you request it responsibly only if you know for sure that you will be able to return it at the expiration date.

In summary, I have shown some loan alternatives for Christmas and loan portals that have in common offers for new clients without interest, which, in my opinion, is the best financing option, since it does not commit anything and, in the face of Christmas and Reyes shopping can be a financial relief for many families.

Loans for retired person with disability

A guide to find out whether or not you can access the sector of loans for pensioners with disability, or those who receive a regular monthly pension and are in possession of the disability condition, or who receives a check from the state because of the conditions that do not allow the carrying out of the regular work activity.

Retirees who receive the ordinary disability allowance on a monthly basis, can only obtain access to the microcredit sector without difficulty, by transferring the fifth monthly from the pension.

It is necessary to clarify that the ordinary disability allowance can have two distinct aspects : a definitive character, in which you receive for life the regular pension amount (granted in cases where the physical condition is compromised for life), or temporary until at a maximum of three years, a period at the end of which a new medical examination will have to be held, where the period will eventually be extended.

Loans for pensioners with permanent disability can be requested as normal loans, since the pension is treated as normal for all purposes. Therefore, at a sufficiently high amount, the assignment of the fifth with a maximum duration of ten years and an age that generally can not exceed 86 years can be obtained without difficulty, considering the term envisaged for the loan.

If the allowance is provisional, the situation is much more complicated, since the transfer of the fifth has a minimum duration of two years and the maximum period of temporary disability is three years. For this reason, access to loans for pensioners with disability will not always be granted (and if so, the amount granted would be very small), since it is necessary to cover the repayment time with the security of receiving the pension amount up to on the expiration date set.

Retired loans for retirees 2016

Discovering loans for pensioners , to understand how and why to opt for the so-called double fifth instead of choosing the most classic assignment of the fifth. These are personal loans at a fixed rate and with a constant installment , which, just like the most common forms of loans, do not require the justification for spending and are also characterized by a fairly solid speed with regard to the receipt of the requested capital.

Compared to the transfer of the fifth, however, obtaining the agreement of the institutions for services of this type is much more complicated , since the amount taken monthly from the pension for the extinction of the debt is equal to a maximum of two fifths of the total ( hence the term “double fifth”, equivalent to 40%), instead of being 20% ​​(one fifth) as in the most widespread loans.

Retired loans for retirees can be paid out in up to 120 monthly payments, and as a result, the maximum amount obtainable is much greater than what can be achieved with a loan by assignment of the fifth. Delegation is in fact often required for rather large investments, which require figures that are too high to be extinguished by simply deducting 20% ​​from the amount of the pension.

To complete the procedure successfully, you must first contact your local pension institution, requesting authorization for the opening of loans for retired persons.

Generally, the institution’s reply is affirmative, but the monthly amount of the pension must be sufficiently high to exceed the minimum threshold imposed by the law even if 40% is subtracted from the total amount. This proxy will then be presented to the credit institution that grants loans with double fifths, which without too many additional procedures will make you have as much money as possible.

Loans for pensioners with minimum pension 2016

A guide to understand what is the monthly amount needed to be received in order to apply for loans for pensioners with a minimum pension , according to current laws. Not all, in fact, can obtain financing with the heaviest way of the assignment of the fifth, if it does not have to reach a minimum amount of survival updated annually by the state authorities.

First of all it is necessary to study in depth what it is and how much is the minimum pension in 2014. The treatment defined as sufficient, already in force in 2010 and confirmed for four consecutive years up to that incurred, is equal to € 501.38 per month. This amount is considered necessary for survival by the State and for this everyone must be entitled to this minimum amount, with possible support of the State itself in the event that that threshold is not reached with the standard pension.


In order to take advantage of loans for pensioners with a minimum pension, it is strictly necessary not to fall below the aforementioned threshold of € 501.38 per month, when the amount to be paid by the bank to cover the loan is deducted from the amount received.

In the case of a pension equal to the minimum amount of survival, therefore, it is in no way possible to make a loan request with assignment of the fifth, because it would be an action contrary to what has been defined by the State in the determination phase of the minimum pension, a figure below which survival is not guaranteed.

Loans for pensioners with a minimum pension, or reserved for those who are under € 501.38 in case of subtraction of the fifth from what is perceived monthly, are therefore available but with ways other than the more classic ones such as the assignment of the fifth, as the mortgage annuity loan based on the properties held by the applicant.