Cash loan in one click!

There are situations that do not give wait. It has happened to anyone who recalled his anniversary a day before the date and forgot to buy that laptop that would be accompanied by a fabulous smile. For this type of event, the Gandalf cash loan is an excellent alternative when it comes to obtaining money instantly.

For those who need little or for those who need a higher amount. Request from € 500 minimum and up to € 40,000 maximum. At a distance of one click, without paperwork or paperwork.

Who can apply for the Gandalf cash loan?

The Gandalf cash loan is aimed at bank customers. Being a client Gandalf privileges him with being able to have a pre-granted personal loan . It does not require complicated documentation or procedures and you can have your money available within 24 hours.

Interest rates

The interest rate applied to the Gandalf cash loan is determined based on the amount required, the term and the monthly payment to be paid according to their possibilities. For example, when simulating an application for an amount of € 20,000, a term of 84 months and a monthly payment of € 300, the personal loan is received with a TIN of 6.81% (APR 7.03%). It is important to bear in mind that all requests are subject to a prior analysis of the applicant’s solvency and ability to return.

What are the advantages of the Gandalf cash loan?

  • Minimum amount of € 500 for requests made in the office or € 1,500 in online banking. Maximum amount of € 40,000 for both cases.
  • Maximum return period up to 84 months.
  • No study or opening fees.
  • Compensation for early repayment: 1% greater than one year of maturity or 0.5% less than or equal to one year.

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