Credit you can buy more, the personal loan that can do it all

A versatile alternative with great benefits especially if you have your salary or pension domiciled. Within the personal loan modality, Gandalf presents an interesting option for this type of credit: Having the possibility of choosing the interest rate that best suits you. For those who prefer to pay from the beginning to the end the same fee, a fixed interest rate is proposed. However, it can also be variable with a constant or increasing payment fee. The interest rate applied to your personal loan will be the one that best suits your needs.

In addition and leaving a bit of the traditional payment scheme, Gandalf evolves with its Gandalf personal loan. It offers the possibility of choosing the monthly payment date according to your convenience and adjusted to the payroll. It also makes it possible to expand the number of annual fees that could be up to 14, seeking to improve the financial health of the Gandalf personal loan applicants.

How to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

Although you do not have the possibility of making the online application, you have the option of leaving your basic personal information to be contacted directly by the bank. Once you establish telephone contact, an advisor will continue to respond to your request regarding the personal loan you wish to contract with Gandalf.

Interest rates

The standard rule of most personal loans offered in the financial market applies. The interest rate varies according to the destination of the personal loan, the amount requested and the term. For example, a simulation made with an amount of € 9,000 and a term of 60 months, is assigned a fixed 10.50% TIN equivalent to 11.99% APR.

Additional characteristics of the Gandalf personal loan

  • Payment of monthly installment adjusted to the payment of your payroll.
  • Maximum amount of € 60,000.
  • Maximum amortization period of 96 months.
  • The personal loan commissions:
    • No study commission.
    • 2.00% commission for opening, minimum 120 €.

What are the requirements to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

The approval is subject to Gandalf’s credit policies. The documentation that is requested to start the study of the Gandalf personal loan are: Identity document, annual IRPF, payroll or pension, payment commitments and document accrediting the investment.

As of the integration of seven savings banks, Gandalf was born in 2010. After eight years of service, Gandalf focuses its perspective on becoming the best bank in Spain. With eight million customers and a 90% satisfaction rate, Gandalf offers a broad portfolio of financial services and a broad network of contact with its customers and users.

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