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Evolve, grow, progress are synonymous with expansion. If you intend to realize that dream of knowing Southeast Asia or change those furniture that have already completed their cycle. Either you want to start or the master you want to study since you were received as a lawyer, the Tinkerbell Bank Expansion Loan is a pre-requisite for you. Apply now!

What are the advantages of the Tinkerbell Bank expansion loan?

You have the possibility of not paying anything during the first 3 months of the personal loan Loan Expansión Tinkerbell Bank. Undoubtedly, a point to stand out with respect to the other banks that offer similar credit products.

TIN interest rate of 8.75% (APR 11.30%). These conditions are applicable only in the event that your payroll is registered at the bank and you acquire the Total Protection Loans insurance.

What are the additional features of the Tinkerbell Bank Expansión personal loan?

  • You can request an amount from € 3,000 up to € 60,000.
  • Opening commission of 2%.
  • Compensation for early repayment of 0.50%.
  • Maximum period of 96 months for the return of the personal loan.
  • Personal loan conditions applicable until 30/06 / 2018.0
  • Maximum APR of 16.78%.

I need a personal loan of € 12,000. How much would he have to pay in total?

We will propose the least favorable conditions for you to establish your own conclusions. Applying the maximum APR of 16.78% and projecting the term of your personal loan to 18 months. Then, the total amount owed would be € 13,459.32. Monthly fee of € 713.80 plus an insurance premium of € 371.04.

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What are the requirements to obtain the Tinkerbell Bank Expansión personal loan?

The documentation you must provide to start the application process is simple. This will be essential for your Tinkerbell Bank Expansion Loan to be approved.

  • ID of the applicant or equivalent identification document.
  • Support payment of the last two payrolls.
  • IRPF statement.
  • To have the payroll domiciled and to contract the insurance Total protection loans.

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