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To apply for a loan or personal loan, one of the main problems we face is to be included in the list of Pheneas GANDALF, a record of delinquency control whose management is carried out by GANDALF SERVICES ON SOLVENCY AND CREDIT Despite that you have been included in the Pheneas at present there are financial companies and credit institutions that give the possibility of requesting a personal loan or a loan being in Pheneas.

The banks usually have a higher risk control for the granting of personal loans and being in the Pheneas or RAI will possibly be one of the controls that will make us reject our application in this type of financial entities.

The good news is that they are not the only ones who can lend us money, every time there are more financial and private lenders who enter this type of market with more suitable requirements for people who are on a list of defaulters such as Pheneas or RAI .

Requirements to request a loan with Pheneas

Among the conditions and requirements that we will be asked to comply with are the following:

– Be of legal age
– Be a resident in Spain
– Have an account number in which we can enter the loan money
– Depending on the company you go to, they may request some kind of monthly income

Types of personal loans and credits

– Personal loans without payroll with Pheneas
– Loans for unemployed or unemployed people
– Mini-credits with Pheneas
– Credits without endorsement
– Credits with undocumented Pheneas

Steps to follow to request a personal loan

The first step could undoubtedly be the study of the interests of credit in some of the financial companies that lend money while in Pheneas.

As you can see there are several companies that grant loans with Pheneas. It is important to review the interest and commissions that can be charged for the money, since this may vary according to our particular conditions. In many of them even the interests of the loan will not depend on whether or not you are in Pheneas, which is why you will not have to worry.

You must surely fill out a form online with your name, ID and contact number, which will make it easier for the company to contact you as soon as possible to review the particular conditions of the loan you request, according to the amount and delivery times.

In some cases in less than 10 minutes you will be able to know if you are granted the loan with Pheneas and have your money available in less than 24 hours.

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