Loans for pensioners with minimum pension 2016

A guide to understand what is the monthly amount needed to be received in order to apply for loans for pensioners with a minimum pension , according to current laws. Not all, in fact, can obtain financing with the heaviest way of the assignment of the fifth, if it does not have to reach a minimum amount of survival updated annually by the state authorities.

First of all it is necessary to study in depth what it is and how much is the minimum pension in 2014. The treatment defined as sufficient, already in force in 2010 and confirmed for four consecutive years up to that incurred, is equal to € 501.38 per month. This amount is considered necessary for survival by the State and for this everyone must be entitled to this minimum amount, with possible support of the State itself in the event that that threshold is not reached with the standard pension.


In order to take advantage of loans for pensioners with a minimum pension, it is strictly necessary not to fall below the aforementioned threshold of € 501.38 per month, when the amount to be paid by the bank to cover the loan is deducted from the amount received.

In the case of a pension equal to the minimum amount of survival, therefore, it is in no way possible to make a loan request with assignment of the fifth, because it would be an action contrary to what has been defined by the State in the determination phase of the minimum pension, a figure below which survival is not guaranteed.

Loans for pensioners with a minimum pension, or reserved for those who are under € 501.38 in case of subtraction of the fifth from what is perceived monthly, are therefore available but with ways other than the more classic ones such as the assignment of the fifth, as the mortgage annuity loan based on the properties held by the applicant.

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