Loans for retired person with disability

A guide to find out whether or not you can access the sector of loans for pensioners with disability, or those who receive a regular monthly pension and are in possession of the disability condition, or who receives a check from the state because of the conditions that do not allow the carrying out of the regular work activity.

Retirees who receive the ordinary disability allowance on a monthly basis, can only obtain access to the microcredit sector without difficulty, by transferring the fifth monthly from the pension.

It is necessary to clarify that the ordinary disability allowance can have two distinct aspects : a definitive character, in which you receive for life the regular pension amount (granted in cases where the physical condition is compromised for life), or temporary until at a maximum of three years, a period at the end of which a new medical examination will have to be held, where the period will eventually be extended.

Loans for pensioners with permanent disability can be requested as normal loans, since the pension is treated as normal for all purposes. Therefore, at a sufficiently high amount, the assignment of the fifth with a maximum duration of ten years and an age that generally can not exceed 86 years can be obtained without difficulty, considering the term envisaged for the loan.

If the allowance is provisional, the situation is much more complicated, since the transfer of the fifth has a minimum duration of two years and the maximum period of temporary disability is three years. For this reason, access to loans for pensioners with disability will not always be granted (and if so, the amount granted would be very small), since it is necessary to cover the repayment time with the security of receiving the pension amount up to on the expiration date set.

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