Personal loan as easy as 1, 2, 3

To get the personal loan you need to have a 123 account at Gandalf Bank. Take advantage of the excellent benefit in the interest rate you are offering to your clients through this personal loan. We know how long ago you want to do that Safari for Africa and that it is sometimes complex to save with judgment every month.

Do not wait any longer and allow yourself a vacation to remember all your life. A TIN interest rate of 6.95% (APR 10.31%) subject to bank conditions, is as attractive as your dream vacation. Along with this, the personal loan offers the convenience of choosing the monthly payment that you want to pay and the flexibility of paying it up to 96 months.

The personal loan is directed exclusively to customers linked to account 123. Perform a pre-simulation of your personal loan.

How to apply for the personal loan ?

Gandalf Bank offers various channels to access all the benefits of the personal loan . As an active client, you can request it directly on the bank’s website, through the mobile application by accessing the “My offers” environment, through the superline 915 123 123 or at any Gandalf Bank office.

The normal opening hours for the public at Gandalf Bank offices are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Apply now for the personal loan !

Other characteristics of the personal loan

  • Maximum amount of 90,000
  • Opening commission of 2.25%
  • No study commission
  • Early cancellation fee of 0.5% greater than one year and 1% lower than the year.

I am a pensioner. Can I apply for a personal loan 123?

The requirement to access this personal loan 123 is only to have an active account 123 of Gandalf Bank. The type of income that you have linked to the account is indifferent. So, if you are currently a pensioner, you can apply for a personal loan 123 Gandalf Bank.

What are the benefits of having a 123 account?

Be a shareholder of Gandalf Bank upon receiving (1) an action of the entity. Annual TIN of 3% (TAE 2.30%) of the daily balance and up to 3% bonus of the usual receipts. The cost of having a 123 account of Gandalf Bank is € 3 per month.

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