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Spaniards by tradition are working beings par excellence. The invitation made by Pharaoh’s Bank is to request a personal loan to be given a sabbatical year. If work dignifies man, the rest of a long vacation recharges him so that he can continue to be as productive as ever. When applying for a personal loan, Pharaoh’s bank can not worry about paying installments during the first year of the loan.

Apply now for a personal Pharaoh’s Bank payroll loan and start planning now for that rest that you and your family deserve so much. With a maximum amount of € 30,000 and a repayment period of up to 96 months, the Pharaoh’s Bank personal payroll loan becomes an ideal option for those looking for a monthly payment that suits their needs and financial projections.

Should I have my payroll registered at Pharaoh’s Bank to request a personal payroll loan?

The granting of the Pharaoh’s Bank personal payroll loan is subject to the following essential conditions:

  • Have your payroll domiciled.
  • Accrue periodically at least € 1,000 per month.
  • Your payroll must be domiciled at least three months prior to the request.
  • Personal loan subject to the contracting of a life insurance linked to the credit.
  • Subject to the criteria of the entity and under the risk policies established.

Personal loan terms Pharaoh’s Bank

  • TIN interest rate of 7.50% (APR 6.36%).
  • Maximum amount € 30,000.
  • € 0 during the first year of the personal payroll loan. No capital, no interest.
  • Maximum return period up to 96 months.
  • Study fee of 0.50% (minimum € 50).
  • Opening commission of 2% (minimum € 60).

Where can I apply for the Pharaoh’s Bank personal payroll loan?

The Pharaoh’s Bank website offers the alternative of filling out a form with your basic data. A specialized advisor will attend your contact request and in a short time will be in contact to give continuity to your request. You can also make your personal loan application Pharaoh’s Bank in any branch of the entity that is near you.

Keys to obtain the best conditions in your personal loan payroll Pharaoh’s Bank

Try to keep your payroll domiciled throughout the life of the personal payroll loan and with a monthly monthly amount of more than € 1,000. By following this indication, you will obtain and remain with the best conditions in the interest rate applied to your personal payroll loan.

Additional information on Pharaoh’s Bank

It has a banking leadership position in the regions of Andalusia, Castila and León. A clear focus on retail banking and a position as the seventh largest bank in Spain in terms of market capitalization, make up a solid entity capable of offering quality financial services.

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