Retired loans for retirees 2016

Discovering loans for pensioners , to understand how and why to opt for the so-called double fifth instead of choosing the most classic assignment of the fifth. These are personal loans at a fixed rate and with a constant installment , which, just like the most common forms of loans, do not require the justification for spending and are also characterized by a fairly solid speed with regard to the receipt of the requested capital.

Compared to the transfer of the fifth, however, obtaining the agreement of the institutions for services of this type is much more complicated , since the amount taken monthly from the pension for the extinction of the debt is equal to a maximum of two fifths of the total ( hence the term “double fifth”, equivalent to 40%), instead of being 20% ​​(one fifth) as in the most widespread loans.

Retired loans for retirees can be paid out in up to 120 monthly payments, and as a result, the maximum amount obtainable is much greater than what can be achieved with a loan by assignment of the fifth. Delegation is in fact often required for rather large investments, which require figures that are too high to be extinguished by simply deducting 20% ​​from the amount of the pension.

To complete the procedure successfully, you must first contact your local pension institution, requesting authorization for the opening of loans for retired persons.

Generally, the institution’s reply is affirmative, but the monthly amount of the pension must be sufficiently high to exceed the minimum threshold imposed by the law even if 40% is subtracted from the total amount. This proxy will then be presented to the credit institution that grants loans with double fifths, which without too many additional procedures will make you have as much money as possible.

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